Here is How Riddhima Kapoor Reached Mumbai to Meet Her Family After Rishi Kapoor’s Death


It was one of the biggest tragedies faced by the Kapoor family. Rishi Kapoor passed away tragically after losing the battle to cancer on Thursday, May 29 and the whole country was in mourning. Unfortunately, Rishi Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima could not attend her father’s funeral. Riddhima is based out of Delhi and with the country in lockdown due to Coronavirus spread, there was no way she could have flown out and reached Mumbai. 

Riddhima tried getting permission to take a chartered flight but that was denied by the officials. Then, on compassionate grounds, she was granted permission to travel to Mumbai but by this time it was too late. Rishi was laid to rest by his family and some close friends, only 19 of them being given permission to be at the funeral site. Along with son Ranbir Kapoor and wife Neetu, Ranbir’s girlfriend Alia Bhatt, friend Abhishek Bachchan, Ayan Mukherjee, Anil Ambani among a few others.

Now, we hear that Ridhhima has finally reached Mumbai by road from Delhi. She apparently reached late Saturday evening, May 2 and was accompanied by her daughte Samara. Riddhima had travelled over a 1000 kms by road to be with her family during this difficult time. 

During the funeral, it was said that Alia Bhatt shared the funeral video with Riddhima while the latter was stuck in Delhi. Alia was unfortunately trolled for holding a phone during the last rites by those who were not aware that she was sharing it with Riddhima. 

Earlier, Riddhima was spotted in Mumbai after she arrived from Delhi. She was seen with a mask on, keeping in mind the social distancing measures. 

Meanwhile, Ridhhima posted a heartfelt note on Rishi on her instagram

She could also join a prayer meet organised at the Pali Hill home of Rishi Kapoor 

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