Haroon Release New Music Video After 10 Years “Dhudoonga”

haroon comeback song

After a self observed hiatus from the music industry, pop star Haroon is back with a new music video. Although Haroon states in the video description that it was created alongside the video animation some years ago, the singer just never thought to release it.

“The music video is one of its kind for Pakistan. It was shot with me live on green screen and all the environment and props were painstakingly synced using computer graphics and animation. The idea was to give it a retro animation feel,” wrote Haroon.

haroon 2

With a very fresh feel to it, the song features Haroon in an animated video which is rather fun to watch, given the lockdown and negativity spreading these days due to coronavirus. Haroon has been Pakistan’s favorite singer and now with him back on the music scene, his fans have been excited.

haroon 1

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