Got Some Leftover Naan? Make A Scrumptious Indian Naan Sandwich With It

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It’s not every day that we make or order naan for a meal, but whenever we do, it is almost inevitable to have some extra lying around the next day. Once wrapped in foil paper and put inside the fridge, you might as well forget about these until your next fridge clean-up. If someone does get it out for the next meal, you will see the table frown and crib about how they are not warm and soft anymore. And thus the poor fate of the leftover naan ends right there. But wait! Did we just find a scrumptious recipe to renovate those sad leftover naans that you were anyway going to throw? Yes, we did! It’s an Indian style sandwich made with naan and is called – ‘Naanwich’.

Naan is a loved flat bread 

Who can say no to a sandwich right? A delicious breakfast loved by every single one of us gets an even delicious twist with a delicious Indian naan sandwich recipe. You can make it from scratch or use leftover naan to make this recipe in a jiffy. For the stuffing, you can keep it simple with some mint chutney and sliced tomato, cucumber, and onion or you can add in a little extra effort and go all the way in and prepare a soya aloo paneer filling. Grate some cheese on top, fold the naan and enjoy this easy breakfast with friends and family. Sounds interesting? Give the recipe a read.

How To Make Indian Naan Sandwich l Indian Naan Sandwich Recipe:

In a pan add butter and reheat the naan until they are slightly crisp. Spread this on a plate and assemble with mint chutney, sliced cucumber, onions, and tomato. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper and grate some cheese on top, fold the naan into the shape of a sandwich, and grill or toast according to preference. Serve hot and enjoy.

Click here for the detailed recipe for Indian Naan Sandwich

Save the leftover naan and make a delicious breakfast out of them, let us know how you like the recipe in the comments below.

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