Google One Quietly Introduces New 5TB Storage Plan: Report

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Google One has reportedly added a new storage plan that bridges the gap between its storage options already available. The new 5TB storage plan sits between the current 2TB storage and the 10TB storage plans. The former is priced at $9.99 per month (Rs. 650 per month in India) and the latter is priced at $49.99 (roughly Rs. 3,682) per month. The new plan has been introduced after Google Photos discontinued its unlimited storage offering earlier this year. Google now offers up to 15GB of free storage, which is spread across Gmail, Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, and its other products.

The new 5TB storage plan, as reported by 9to5Google, has been silently introduced for Google One users. The new 5TB storage plan is available for $24.99 (roughly Rs. 1,840) per month. Alternatively, users can purchase the storage plan on a yearly basis for $249.99 (roughly Rs. 18,414), with an effective discount of 17 percent. As mentioned, the new plan has been reportedly introduced to bridge the gap between Google’s 2TB and 10TB storage plans.

Google One’s 5TB storage plan is aimed to bridge the gap between its 2TB and 10TB storage plans
Photo Credit: 9to5Google

The new 5TB plan reportedly comes with the same benefits offered with Google One’s 2TB storage plan. As per the screenshot shared by the publication, these include access to Google experts, option to add family, extra member benefits, 10 percent back on Google Store purchases, and a VPN for Android smartphones. It’s not known when the option was added, but it seems like a fairly new plan on offer. It is also not clear which regions will be receiving the new storage plans.

Users wishing to upgrade to the new 5TB storage plans can head to the Google One storage webpage for more details.

Users in India currently have the option to select the free 15GB storage option or upgrade to the paid plans. The paid plans include the Basic 100GB storage plan that is available for Rs. 130 per month or Rs. 1,300 per year. Then there is the Standard 200GB storage plan available for Rs. 210 per month or Rs. 2,100 per year. Lastly, there is the Premium 2TB storage plan that is priced at Rs. 650 per month or Rs. 6,500 per month. All three plans come with access to Google experts, the option to add family, and extra member benefits.

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