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Kazakhstan wants to be seen as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Major world powers, especially Russia and China, want to have control over the energy rich …

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36 thoughts on “Geopolitics of KAZAKHSTAN: Between CHINESE DRAGON and RUSSIAN BEAR

  1. Bad bad idea, Chinese Control the oil….. is like what happened in Africa….. When France go there …. the Control the Banks…. So, West African Starve… ??it's a Mind game…. "Control Ure resources"…. it's Ures
    Thanks. Great job man….

  2. Border land encroachment by china will start soon ! Plz Be careful Kazakhstan ! You can believe Russia blindly but China is fucking greedy ! God bless Kazakh ?

  3. Glad to see Kasim you have returned to mostly objective analysis, the last report I watch on Putin and Russia a while again was unashamedly western propaganda

  4. You make the claim that the US openly exploits Syria's oil. What do you mean by "openly exploits"? You use the term global robbery of countries' resources. Please do a detailed video substantiating this claim, as I think your are partly correct (ie. the Congo). Other than the idiot in the White House stating he wants to take Syria's oil, is there any credible substantiated evidence this is happening? The US is signatory to "numerous international agreements binding the U.S., including the Fourth Geneva Convention, that define the taking of goods during wartime without the owner's permission as pillaging — a war crime." NPR, October 30, 2019. It would not surprise me that Trump wants to engage in war crimes, but independent media would eventually find out. I doubt any US ally would believe the US owns Syrian oil. Preventing ISIS from taking the oil is a valid argument for the US defending Syrian oil fields. If you can prove the US is engaging in war crimes, that would put you in the running for some serious journalism awards. I'm not being sarcastic.

  5. Dude, nobody cares about Washington in Kazakhstan)) remember, even if you want to put usa in any topic, just research first to not say such dump things, like Kazakhstan does something about… usa… foreign politics… blah blah)) usa doesn't exist there. Nobody cares about usa politics in central Asia, they have no recognition)
    And nobody switched to Latin, do your research more pls))

  6. Kazakhstan stands to benefit from the careful balance of power they maintain between the Russia, China, and the West. It will be interesting to see how Nur Sultan and the country overall continue to develop over the next 10 years… Remember how far the capital has come in the past 20 years. It is impressive and the Kazakhs are good people. I plan to visit eventually.

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