From vaccine for kids to third shots for healthcare workers and older adults: 3 key announcements about India’s COVID vaccination drive


The vaccination drive in India against the contagious COVID-19 began on January 16, 2021. The initial doses were given to frontline workers and senior citizens. As India completes a year of its vaccination journey, it is ready to enter a new vaccination phase to strengthen the immunity and provide protection to kids, who were considered as the carrier of the virus in the beginning.

Covering kids under the vaccine drive and third shot for the senior citizens and healthcare workers are essential at the current time when the Omicron variant is spreading its claws across the globe. Being three times more transmissible than the Delta variant, experts believe that Omicron is potent enough to cause the third coronavirus wave in the country. This is time to be more cautious to cut down the risk of infection. Follow all COVID norms, wear a mask, avoid crowded places and maintain proper hygiene to stay safe.

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