Frenzo Harami – Asian Ting [Audio] REACTION!!!

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WHAT’S GOOD MY PEOPLE, Today I’m back with another MUSIC REACTION. Today FRENZO HARAMI dropped his new mixtape CHAABIAN BOYZ VOL.2 …

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9 thoughts on “Frenzo Harami – Asian Ting [Audio] REACTION!!!

  1. LMAOOO fam asians been marrying each other from day one, it's a cultural ting it was more common back in the days, these days people aren't feeling It as much anymore, personally I aint for it bro but each to their own. The main reason is a caste system is a big tradition in South Asia, your social status is decided by what caste u come from, if ur loaded or poor, its peak but that's how it was and some places still today. People wanted to keep their bloodline clean init, no outsiders, bit like the royal family do, its mad.

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