Foreigners can be part of Port City Commission : Sabry

COLOMBO (News1st): Foreign nationals can be a part of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission, justice minister Ali Sabry said Sunday.

“If the President wants they (foreign nationals) can be (part of the commission). There is no prohibition,” Sabry told reporters.

Government lawmaker Dilan Perera pointed out that there are at least three individuals who are foreign citizens, who hold qualifications to serve in these capacities.

“They are either US citizens, one I know is a British citizen. They are no more Sri Lankan citizens,” Perera pointed out.

Sabry also dismissed claims that the Port City would become a “Chinese colony”.

“If half of the land belongs to us, if we own the area, if our approval is needed to lease out the land if it complies with the laws of the country and the constitution, and if disputes must be resolved in our courts, how can this area belong to someone else?” he said.

Lawmaker Jayantha Weerasinghe pointed out that the Attorney General has informed the bill is not in violation of the country’s situation.

“The Attorney General has informed the President’s Secretary that any clause in the bill is not in violation of Sri Lanka’s constitution,” Weerasinghe noted.

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