Food Controversies Of 2021: 7 Shocking Incidents That Shook The Internet

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2021 has been an exciting year for food, we have seen numerous internet challenges that have inspired us to become chefs at home. We have also witnessed food memes that have made us laugh out loud in real life. However, there were also numerous food controversies this year which got the internet divided. From restaurants refusing entries to a saree-clad woman to food critics refusing to review restaurants, this year has been filled with controversial incidents in the culinary world. As we are about to end the year, here are some of the most prominent food controversies that shook the internet.

Here Are 7 Most Shocking Food Controversies of 2021:

1. Delhi Restaurant Refuses Services To Woman Wearing Saree

Aquila Restaurant in Delhi’s Ansal Plaza denied entry to a woman who was wearing a saree. The saree-clad woman, Anita Choudhary, shared the video clip of the incident on Facebook. “Ma’am, we allow only smart casual and saree is not counted as smart casual,” said the manager in the video. “The humiliation that I faced (for wearing saree) yesterday was bigger and more heart-wrenching than any other insult I faced till now,” wrote Anita in the viral post. Click here to read more.

2. Zomato Faces Flak For Ads With Hrithik, Katrina

Zomato released an ad with Hrithik and Katrina, respectively, showcasing both the actors ordering food from the delivery app and receiving it. Both the ads showcased how the Zomato delivery personal rushed off to complete another delivery even before finishing the conversation with the actors. People considered the ads “tone-deaf”, as the brand was unaware of how overworked the delivery executives were. Some suggested that Zomato should pay better wages to their workers than spending on ads. Click here to read more.

3. Food Critic Avoids Reviewing Salt Bae’s Restaurant

Nusret Gokce broke the internet when a meme of him sprinkling salt on meat went viral. Ever since then, ‘Salt Bae’ used his fame to create a chain of restaurants called ‘Nusr-Et’. Twitter was left in shock to see that a single steak costs 630 pounds at his restaurant. When food critic Jay Rayner was asked to try out Salt Bae’s restaurant, he refused to do so. Rather, he brought takeaway kebabs and sat outside the Nusr-Et restaurant on a makeshift table to eat them. Read more here.

4. Demi Lovato Calls Out Yoghurt Shop For Serving ‘Diet Food’

Demi Lovato has stirred up controversy regarding ‘diet foods’ and promoting diet culture. She posted an Instagram story after she visited ‘The Bigg Chill’, a frozen yoghurt store based in Los Angeles. Demi Lovato wrote that she found it ‘extremely hard’ to order frozen yoghurt, from the store. She bashed the brand for promoting healthy and ‘guilt-free’ products that according to her promoted ‘diet culture’. However, Twitter didn’t agree with her. Find out more here.

5. Met Gala Serves Paltry Food To Stars

Met Gala is known for its extravagant looks and head-turning outfits, but rarely has the food of Met Gala shared the limelight, until now. American actress and singer Keke Palmer took to social media to share a picture of the paltry meal at the starry event. The menu of the fashion event was plant-based and sustainable. However, the meal did not look appealing to Twitter. “This is why they don’t show y’all the food. I’m just playinnnn,” wrote Palmer in her Instagram story which she later reshared on Twitter too. Read more here.

US Woman Spits In Bag Of Chips And Reseals It, Prank Disgusts The Internet

6. Woman Spits In A Bag And Reseals It

US woman opened a bag of chips in the supermarket to try out one chip, which she didn’t like. She spat the half-chewed chip back into the bag, resealed it with a curling iron and placed it back on the shelf. The disgusting prank had shocked the internet, especially in the light of the pandemic and contagious nature of the virus. People couldn’t help but share criticism for the prank that was completely unnecessary. Click here to read more.

7. Zomato Customer Care Agent Refuses Service To Customer Over Language

A customer found that an item was missing from his order. When he asked for help from customer care, he was criticized for not knowing Hindi. “Ordered food in zomato and an item was missed. Customer care says amount can’t be refunded as I didn’t know Hindi. Also takes lesson that being an Indian I should know Hindi,” tweeted Vikash, the customer. Find out more here.

What according to you is the most controversial story of the year? Do tell us in the comments section.

Happy New Year 2022!

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