Flag March Conducted In Delhi’s Maujpur After Clashes Over Citizenship Amendment Act

Stone throwing and violence erupted in northeast Delhi’s Maujpur area on Monday.

New Delhi:

Stones, pieces of bricks and glass shards lay strewn on road and plumes of smoke billowed from houses, shops and vehicles which were torched by mobs in northeast Delhi’s Maujpur.

Security personnel conducted flag marches to disperse the mobs and maintain peace after the area witnessed heavy stone pelting and arson during clashes between pro and anti-CAA groups for the second consecutive day.

At least three vehicles were set on fire and smoke was seen rising from a house above a closed shop. Tear gas shells were hurled to disperse the protestors who were pelting stones at each other.

The policemen would keep dispersing the protestors to avert a face-off between the two groups, but the mobs would return after a while to start a fresh round of stonepelting.

In a widely-circulated video, a protestor brandishing a gun walked up to a Delhi Police personnel. He then walked away and fired a few rounds in the air.

Sources said the man in the video had been identified and appropriate action would be taken against him.

Hundreds of protestors were heard chanting provocative slogans. While one group raised slogans of ”Inquilab Zindabad”, the other group played bhajans in praise of Lord Ram.

A section of pro-CAA protestors also tried marching towards the other other group but they were stopped by the police force.

All the shops in the areas were shut but the stick-carrying protestors vandalised them by pelting stones. Some pro-CAA protestors gheraoed a man and assaulted him till he lost consciousness. They then carried him away and chanted provocative slogans.

The protestors threatened some journalists when they tried to capture the arson and vandalism on their phone cameras.

A resident of Maujpur, who did not wish to be identified, said the locals were scared after the violence.

“Many of the residents are trying to leave the area for safer places. However, the roads are closed and even the metro stations are shut due to which they are unable to move out,” he said.

Some policemen were seen collecting empty cartridges from the location where a protestor had fired multiple shots.

Meanwhile, some anti-CAA protestors gave roses to people who were on their way towards Maujpur where heavy stone pelting was reported.

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