Finding love in an arranged marriage: Indian couples share their stories


Someone once said, “There is no ‘right’ kind of marriage. The couple involved need to make it right.” What makes a marriage work is something of a mystery because every marriage is unique. Still, there are ingredients—love, trust, compatibility, adjustment, etc.—that can make it stronger. Some people fall in love and then get married, others who have had an arranged marriage tie the knot after meeting each other just a couple of times and most do it without even being in love or knowing much about each other. Does it mean people in an arranged marriage are less likely to be in love or find love compared to their counterparts who took the vows after becoming the victim of cupid? According to many couples who had an arranged marriage, they do fall in love and some have some defining moments while for others love just happens. So, let’s hear what a few Indian married couples said about the moment they fell in love with their spouse.

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