Faysal Qureshi Latest Pictures with his Kids


The family has always been the top priority for everyone. Whether it’s a millionaire or a poor man, they always try hard to fulfill their family needs. Spending quality time with kids and wife is one of the most relaxing and memorable moments to cherish about. 

Like others, Pakistani celebrities love to spend valuable time with their families. Faysal Qureshi is one of the actors who will never miss a chance to spend a good time with his kids and wife. He always manages his professional life to spend most of his time with his family. 

Due to coronavirus, celebrities got a chance to enjoy and relax at home, in their PJs, with their family. Faysal Qureshi is taking the most advantage of lock down. He is helping her wife to cook delicious food, playing with his new-born son, and enjoy playing games with her daughter. He keeps uploading his family pictures on social media and we can’t take our eyes off the adorable family. 

Here are some of the beautiful moments of Faysal Qureshi captured with his wife and kids. Have a look! 

Faysal Qureshi 1Faysal Qureshi 2Faysal Qureshi 3Faysal Qureshi 4Faysal Qureshi 5Faysal Qureshi 6Faysal Qureshi 7Faysal Qureshi 8Faysal Qureshi 9Faysal Qureshi 10

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