‘Fashion is one of the most harmful industries’: Celeb designer makes a plea for sustainability

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Celebrity fashion designer Stella McCartney recently met with the G7 leaders to talk about sustainable investment in the fashion industry.

Known for championing sustainable fashion herself, McCartney spoke to Sky News ahead of the meeting about how it would be a “powerful opportunity to bring light to an industry” that has “gone under the radar forever on sustainable issues”.

McCartney’s brand has been promoting vegan clothes lately. The brand does not use materials from animals such as leather, feather, skin, or furs. Talking about how fashion could harm the environment, she was quoted as saying, “I don’t think anyone really knows that fashion is one of the most harmful industries. I don’t think they know that 150 million trees are cut down for viscose, whereas I’ve managed to source a sustainable wood pulp in Sweden.”

According to The Independent, McCartney has urged world leaders to incentivise young designers and revisit their policies since the current laws “penalise” those trying to implement sustainable practices.

“I’m not incentivised at all, in fact, I can be hit by up to a 30 per cent tax if I export a non-leather good into the USA and I have to put that in my margins, and that doesn’t help me as a business and I’m penalised for doing good if you like,” she stated.

The designer looks forward to a sustainable future, she said. “I have the solutions. So I’m hopeful that if we can take these smaller companies that I’m working with, and we can [ask] guys like this to invest in them, then they can have a seat at the table and we can scale this up, and we can replace convention with a sustainable future.”

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