Fashion Designer Kunal Rawal Celebrates Birthday With Colourful Cake, Friends And More

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Birthdays without eventful parties aren’t much exciting. But B-town knows well how to turn simple birthdays into an adventurous food fest, which are also full of fun. Fashion designer Kunal Rawal had a birthday bash with friends. The feast included a colourful cake from which we couldn’t lift our eyes. Actor Harshvardhan Kapoor, who was present at the party, posted a closeup of the delicious buttercream and “M & M” cake. The colourful chocolate buttons cover the entire cake, except for the top. The top has red-icing lettering and candles. Harshvardhan wrote, “Buttercream, M and M cake. Best cake I have ever had no.”

Food and design entrepreneur Samyukta Nair also posted a photo of the oh-so-yummilicious dessert. In the photo, we see an excited Kunal Rawal and the cake in front of him. Samyukta wrote, “May your craziness knows no bounds, Kunal Rawal.”


Just one cake? Isn’t it unfair? Yes, it is. But don’t worry because that’s not the case here. We also get glimpses of that in Instagram Stories posted by Anand Ahuja, actress Sonam Kapoor’s husband. In the photo, we see another chocolate glazed cake beside the buttercream cake. The dessert has enticing decorations and crushed nuts on top. 


On Harshvardhan Kapoor’s Instagram Stories, we get more peeks into the party. A table of delicacies is laid out in front of them. From delicious curries and bread to different spicy dips and drinks, the party seems to be beaming with good food. Harshvardhan Kapoor’s photos also revealed that the party was being held at MiMi Mei Fair, which serves Chinese cuisine.


If the birthday feast has got you drooling, worry not. Try whipping up some of these recipes in your own kitchen. Here is an easy-peasy chocolate cake recipe. All you need is eggs, flour, vanilla essence, cocoa powder and granulated sugar. Use baking soda, baking powder and canola oil too. Here’s the recipe.

But if you are craving Chinese cuisine, you can try making this mushroom manchurian dish. This hot and spicy item will drive you crazy with the soft mushroom textures while it gives you a burst of Chinese flavours. 

Birthday or not, no one can say “no” to good food.

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