Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Finally Speaks Out on Home Life: Is She OK?!

farrah and sophia on mothers day

For a very, very long time now, Teen Mom fans have been concerned about that whole thing where Farrah Abraham is solely responsible for another human life.

Like this has been an issue since her reality television debut on 16 and Pregnant, and it just keeps getting scarier.

We’re sure you know that Farrah has made far more than her fair share of questionable parenting choices, but just for fun, let’s run through some of the greatest hits, OK?

Remember when Sophia was a baby and Farrah kept leaving her in precarious positions, like alone in a sink or by the top of the stairs?

Or how about when she was just a toddler and Farrah thought it would be a good idea to pluck her eyebrows?

There was the time that the former Teen Mom star left her four-year-old with her parents for weeks at a time and justified it by saying “She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.”

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

Farrah pulled Sophia out of school to homeschool her even though she can barely manage to string together a single coherent sentence, and instead of giving her any kind of structured lessons she takes her travelling around the world, which would be fine except that the popular theory is that she’s exposing her to her alleged work as an escort and not other cultures or history.

Oh, and did you forget that Farrah once admitted that she and Sophia take nude photos of each other and save them in their phones?

Because we certainly never will.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

We could go on and on for hours with this — Farrah posted a photo of 12-year-old Sophia holding a pregnancy test and said that she likes taking them for kicks, the mysterious death of their dog that could have been a murder, the racism …

The point is that Farrah does so many things with Sophia that are either dumb or downright dangerous, and since she’s a public figure, there are tons of people out here speculating that perhaps it would be better for Sophia if she were taken away from Farrah.

And now, after literal years of this, Sophia herself is speaking out about these concerns.

In a live video the mother-daughter duo did on TikTok, Sophia looked at the camera and plainly said “I got a bed, I got a roof, and I’m fine.”‘

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links

“Oh my god,” Farrah interjected sarcastically, “I got a bed and a roof and I’m fine and I eat and I sleep and I have good mental health, I’m like an overall amazing person.”

We’re not sure what Farrah meant with that — why mock Sophia for defending her parenting?

It seems like Sophia didn’t understand her point either, because she said “They’re talking about Saving Sophia,” naming the social media movement that’s started up over the past few weeks.

In the same mocking tone, Farrah replied “Saving Sophia, is that like Saving Private Ryan? Did I miss the show?”

Farrah Abraham's New Nose

Sophia made a face and then they both started laughing at the … joke? Was that supposed to be a joke?

“That’s what I thought,” Farrah said. “I just confused you all because I’m that good of an actor.”

Again, no clue what she’s talking about with that.

Any confusion comes with Farrah’s previously described general inability to communicate, it certainly has nothing to do with her acting skills, which do not even exist.

But we suppose what’s important here is that Sophia wants us all to know that she’s being taken care of, and that she is fine.

… Do you believe her though?

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