Farrah Abraham Photoshops Daughter’s Pics, Fans Recoil in Horror

farrah and sophia hit the links

Farrah Abraham doesn’t listen to criticism, except to parrot it back, typically in word salad format.

In her typical Farrah fashion, the reality TV villain has been excessively filtering her photos.

That wouldn’t be a big deal … except that it’s not Farrah’s face that’s being digitally altered.

The pics that she’s distorting beyond recognition are of her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah shared a glimpse of Sophia on her Instagram Stories.

The song playing was Whip My Hair, a Willow Smith song almost as old as Sophia is.

But horrified followers could not unsee how artificial and altered Sophia’s face was.

Sophia Abraham IG face filters self esteem worries

Farrah had clearly employed filters, as she would for herself.

The difference here, of course, is that minors are extremely vulnerable to low self esteem, especially at Sophia’s age.

Imagine someone’s own mother digitally altering their photos to, among other things, make their faces weirdly smooth.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

“This poor child,” commented one horrified social media user.

The commenter declared that it is “Disgusting that her mother filters her pictures, at all.”

Tweens should not be made to think that their faces need “help” looking good, after all.

Farrah's Face in 2021

“This is so filtered it looks photoshopped,” observed a commenter.



Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

“Poor girl,” another commenter agreed.

The comment continued: “Farrah filters the crap out of her face..”

That fan noted that “her mother has had so much surgery she’s unrecognizable…”

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

“I feel strongly that she will get surgery like her mom,” that same commenter wrote.

“And,” they expressed, “it makes me sad.”

That commenter concluded: “Poor girl… her family is insane,” another ranted.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Go Shopping

 “She looks like a kid being forced to act like an adult,” another observer opined.

The commenter expressed that, simply, this was “Sad.”

Many people are saddened when they try to imagine what Sophia’s life is like.

Farrah Abraham, Far Up Close

She has not gotten to live a normal life, or anything approaching it.

It’s not just that Farrah had her as a minor, or that her father died before she was born.

The choices that Farrah has made have defined Sophia’s life — and fans believe that it has been for the worse.

Farrah Abraham Daughter and Dog

Farrah isn’t letting Sophia have any semblance of a normal, real education.

Homeschooling deprives Sophia of normal social bonds that come with being among classmates and peers.

Sophia’s “best friend” seems to Farrah. That is co-dependent and unhealthy for any 12-year-old.

Farrah Abraham's New Nose

Farrah also uses Sophia for branding.

Remember when she wannounced that she was letting creeps pay thousands of dollars for a follow from her daughter?

Farrah has also used Sophia directly in advertisements for the few brands and companies willing to associate with her.

Farrah and Sophia Celebrate Christmas

Sophia needs to make friends, have crushes, gripe about homework, discuss what she’s reading — all with other kids.

How could Farrah, of all people, be qualified to look after Sophia’s education?

Given how Farrah speaks and writes, there are real concerns about what an essay would look like under her tutelage.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries

But editing Sophia’s face … that has nasty implications for Sophia’s self-esteem and how Farrah thinks.

Hey, maybe it was an accident. Maybe it was something that Sophia requested.

Fans aren’t inclined to give Farrah the benefit of the doubt — and why should they?

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