Farrah Abraham: I’m Using Sophia to Rake in Some Christmas Cash!

farrah abraham and sophia abraham

After all of that work using Sophia to lure Instagram followers, Farrah Abraham is ready for a break.

She’s sharing her plans with Sophia over the holidays, using her daughter to plug her new venture and as part of her latest endorsement deals.

Life & Style spoke to Farrah Abraham about her holiday plans for herself and for her adorable 10-year-old daughter, Sophia.

(Whatever we may think about Farrah herself, none of that is Sophia’s fault)

“Sophia and I are excited to have family visit us in Hollywood,” Farrah begins.

She adds: “And go see our family in the Midwest!”

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

“Sophia loves visiting her grandparents in Kansas City,” Farrah expresses.

On a considerably more somber note, Farrah continues: “And visiting her dad’s cemetery.”

“Then, we jet off to Dubai,” Farrah reveals. Here’s where it sounds like more of a business trip, right?

Farrah explains that they’re going to Dubai “for some indoor skiing, the Burj Khalifa Firework Show and Wild Wadi Park!”

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

“In between, we’re celebrating Christmas all month long,” Farrah reveals. That sounds like a 6-year-old’s wish come true.

She says that they will be doing so “[with] gingerbread houses and much more.”

And here’s the hook: Farrah and Sophia will be doing this celebrating “on our YouTube channel!”

Oh, of course this was an elaborate plug for Farrah to try to lure people in to view her on YouTube.

Farrah: Broke With Expensive Taste

“It’s the season to fit it all in with family and friends!” Farrah exclaims.

(That sounds like a fairly upsetting porn title and we would not care to watch it)

Is Sophia going to get any of the revenue as Farrah uses her as a prop to solicit views?

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Is Farrah going to get enough views that her channel can be monetized?

Larissa Lima and Farrah Abraham

The trip to Dubai, as we mentioned, sounds like it’s more about business with a few fun activities than about a treat for Sophia.

Recently, Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, answered questions about Farrah’s sex work and about her parenting.

“Honest question: Does it make you feel like you failed as a mom knowing Farrah is selling her body in foreign lands for money?”the question read.

The fan continued: “I don’t think it’s your fault, but I can’t imagine if my daughter chose this as a profession.”

There are countless legitimate criticisms of Farrah Abraham. Her sex work is not one of them.

“I wish she could realize money is not that important in the grand scheme of things,” the fan said. “[Neither] is being famous or relevant.”

The questione-turned-comment concluded: “I wish she would realize this and turn her life around. If not for her, for her daughter.”

Remember, when you shame one bad person for sex work, you’re shaming all sex workers.

Debra Danielsen Pic

It’s like insulting a bad person’s weight. Pick something else.

Surprisingly, Farrah’s mother had a very good answer.

“Not all all. God gave us each free will,” Debra replied.I don’t do anything but what God puts in my heart.”

She explained that that means: “Love, empathy and wisdom are very important in life.”

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