Farrah Abraham: I’m Doing SO Much Good in the World!

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As it turns out, according to Farrah Abraham, we’ve been getting the question all wrong.

For years, we’ve been wondering whether MTV would ever take the polarizing personality back.

Yes, Farrah got fired awhile back for appearing in adult web cam videos …

… but ratings have been plummeting for the Teen Mom franchise ever since and Abraham would most definitely delivered a bunch of eyeballs.

Would producers ever reach out, we’ve often asked?

Now, however, Abraham has made it clear:

It wouldn’t even matter, she alleges, because she’s totally outgrown the program.

The controversial parent took to TikTok on Saturday to respond to fans that have asked if she wishes she still starred on Teen Mom OG. Does she want to run it back at any point?

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“I think standing up for woman & children is more important then TV,” replied Farrah, implying that she’s been doing these things and adding:

“I don’t need to be stuck struggling on tv, I’ve evolved.

“I met the girls when you met them, I lost the love of my life, they were in a different place.”

There’s quite a lot to unpack there, isn’t it?

a farrah message

Abraham, who seems in constant danger of losing her daughter to Child Protective Services, apparently believes she now stands up for women and children.

Conversely, as she subsequently states, those who have been on Teen Mom this whole time are simply struggling at life.

She’s come a long way. She’s improved and she’s evolved.

People such as Amber Portwood? They have not, Farrah strongly hints at here.

Farrah Abraham in Pigtails

“P.s. finishing summer semester finals & studying for LSAT,” concluded Abraham. “Teen Moms are smart & talented.”

Farrah has often claimed of late that she has a degree from Harvard University, which is not true.

She also released a memoir this summer.

It’s titled Dream Twenties and, according to the Amazon description, it “brings you the stepping stones of living a life of justice and essential success for the 21st century by top googled celebrity Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

We’re not sure what that means.

But the synopsis does to on to back up Farrah’s allegation that she, like, does stuff for humanity.

Farrah fights “for the female perspective through her coming of-age adult journey,” reportedly, and:

“Farrah Abraham has chosen to enrich the world boundaries, consent culture, healing, mental health and abuse in front and behind the screen, extending to all of our communities that networks reach.

“Live a life of justice, may all your twenties dreams come true before or after your twenties.”

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

Despite this book aiming to change the world… and despite Farrah believing it affords her the sort of platform that MTV never could… Amazon users have been slaming the memoir left and right.

They aren’t impressed by Abraham’s so-called wisdom.

Not that Farrah is gonna let herself be bothered by this supposed trollls.

hate on farrah

“Haters leave me more negative comments,” she wrote over the reviews, as you can see above.

Added the former Teen Mom OG cast member:

“I’m shocked to see your trying to better yourself.”

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