Farrah Abraham Dresses Like a Nun, Enrages the Entire Internet

sister abraham

Farrah Abraham may be a lot of things.

She’s a former reality star.

She’s an occasional adult cam video participant.

She’s a self-proclaimed child sex educator.

But the ex-Teen Mom OG cast member not, nearly every observer would agree, an especially holy or religious human being.

We’re not even trying to be judgmental here.

We’re just stating a fairly obvious truth.

Based on so many of her actions and her words, Farrah Abraham will never confused for a nun, you know?

Farrah Abraham Nun Photo

Except, well… take a look at the photos above and the one below.

Farrah Abraham just dressed up like a nun!

Via an Instagram Live video on Wednesday, Abraham raged against the fairly new social media network Clubhouse… while dressed in a rather controversial outfit.

“How many damn apps do I need on my phone? I don’t want any more damn apps!” she said in this footage.

Sister Farrah Abraham

After ranting on that random topic for a bit, Farrah addressed fan questions about her costume, saying:

“What am I wearing? I’m Sister Farrah!

“Damn you haters, repent your sins now. I did go to a private Catholic school.”

The haters, however, still came out in force, scoffing at Abraham and trashing her as “disrespectful” for somehow claiming to be a nun. (Sigh. Farrah always prompts this website to write sentences we never saw coming.)

farrah nun

Farrah even added that she’s skeptical about religion as a concept, telling folllowers:

“I don’t know… Catholicism? I’m on the fence about it.”

This would be a fine statement on its own.

But when someone wearing a habit and a cross says it?!? One can only shake one’s head and wonder what the heck is going on.

Farrah Abraham, Far Up Close

Abraham has been in the news a lot of late… rarely making any positive headlines in the process.

This sacrilegious video, for example, comes just days after she sparked outrage by getting the Covid vaccine despite being a healthy 29-year-old.

The disgraced MTV personality shared a video of herself getting the shot inside a pharmacy on Instagram on Monday and said along with it that she was “prioritized” because she has a “compromised immune system.”

Farrah Abraham Gets Vaccinated

But Farrah didn’t elaborate.

And she’s only 29 years old.

She’s not a teacher, she’s not a healthcare worker. How did this happen?

“You should be ashamed. They’re millions of elderly people that haven’t received their shots and you’re already getting yours?” one person shot back after learning Abraham had been vaccinated.

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries

Elsewhere, Farrah faced a new round of backlash last week for letting her 12-year-old daughter Sophia have hair extensions, fake nails and make-up.

This is nothing new, really, though.

Perhaps even more concerning was young Sophia released a video of her own a few days ago… in which she said her dog was gay and loved to eat underwear.

If she shows up next time wearing her own nun costume, we’re really be concerned about her mental health.

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