Exclusive: When Katrina Kaif revealed how she deals with bad days


Katrina Kaif celebrates her birthday today. The actress who has been around in the industry for years now is suddenly in the limelight for reinventing herself as a performer. She has not just proved her mettle as an entertainer but also as a powerful actress in the years gone by. On her birthday today, we thought about digging into our archives and bringing you a quote of her where she spoke about how she fights bad days and deals with life now. She has evolved over the years into a wonderful, mature woman and these lines prove just that. Read on…

When asked about how she deals with hurdles in life, she had told Filmfare, “It may sound far-fetched and crazy but I realised we have just one life and one day we’re going to die. These two things are certain. So, we can’t be doing this to ourselves. There’s anyway a lot of struggle and pain around us. There are many, who’re in turmoil. I wanted to understand what one could do about it. If I wanna look slim, I can’t sit here and eat a pizza. I’ll have to go to the gym, work out for two hours and pay attention to my diet. It’s the same with our emotions. Reading and certain things like yoga helped me. That doesn’t mean that I’ve achieved a state, where nothing affects me. I still get upset. I still get emotional. People can still play with my feelings. I still hurt. But it doesn’t keep me down for long. So, before something pulls me down in a black hole for weeks or months, I can reset my mind in 24 or 48 hours. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t believe every thought that comes to your mind.”

Katrina Kaif

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