Exclusive: Baaji The Film, Mohsin Abbas Haider Talks about Meera’s Charisma


The teaser of Baaji the film released three days ago and it has garnered some very positive reactions. The film tells the tale of an aging Lollywood superstar (played by none other than Meera) and from the looks of the trailer, it definitely seems to be pushing the envelope. It stars Osman Khalid Butt, Ali Kazmi and Mohsin Abbas Haider along with Amna Ilyas. Masala! caught up with one of its lead male protagonists, Mohsin Abbas Haider, and talked to him about the response of the teaser and what it was like to watch Meera act.

“It’s very my type of cinema,” explains Mohsin about the film. “It is character based cinema. Everyone was important. It’s a female oriented story but all other characters are still very important.” The trailer is getting a very positive reaction from the younger generation as well and the Na Maloom Afraad star was very happy to see this.

“Initially I was very confused. You know how there is a new generation now… there’s a new Lollywood. I was wondering how will they a handle and accept Meera? And this, by the way, is the first teaser from Meera’s point of view. As we move forward there will be more teasers from other characters’ point of views too. As an actor when I worked with her, I saw that she is very professional. But when I saw the teaser – the boy within me was just in awe. My jaw dropped. I can tell you honestly – in today’s day and time, there is no one who has the charisma Meera does. I say this without question. No one can carry that aura the way she can. Baaji is Meera Jee’s film.”

Did they expect this kind and this level of overwhelmingly positive response? “When we were doing the film,” replies the Meri Guriya actor, “we had high hopes. We were very excited for Saqib Bhai.” The cast and crew have also been getting a lot of calls from within the industry. Mohsin recalls something veteran actor and producer Javed Sheikh had once said to him about getting appreciation from the industry. “Sometimes you look at a role and think, hey I could have done that. So when you, as an actor or a member of the fraternity praise something of your own fraternity, it’s a huge deal,” Mohsin explains.

The Lashkara actor says he’s very proud of the fact that he’s doing this film with Saqib Malik, a veteran and respected director. “Many years ago I had done a commercial with Saqib Bhai and he had told me back then – that whenever I will do a film, I’ll choose you to do it. And I thought he was kidding back then, people say these things. But he fulfilled his promise and it is an honor to have worked with him.” The joy was evident in Mohsin’s voice and soon it might be evident in his performance in the film.

So what else is Mohsin Abbas Haider working on, apart from this dark and thrilling tale? “Music,” responds Mohsin. “I’m working on a lot of personal videos and original songs. Well, we sing about 1500-1700 songs on the show but…” Mohsin is the DJ on the popular comedy commentary show Mazaaq Raat, as fans of Pakistani television shows know.

Apart from Baaji, Mohsin says he’s working on a webseries called Baadshah Begum. He will also be seen in a film next year. Baaji’s trailer drops in the next few days and the film is to be in cinemas on June 28th.

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