Exclusive: Aditi Rao Hydari talks about working with Konkona in Geeli Puchi 


Neeraj Ghyawan’s sensitive portrayal of caste and sexuality in Geeli Puchi from Ajeeb Daastaans not only had our hearts but also bagged Konkona Sen Sharma an award at the MyGlamm Filmfare OTT Awards this year. The film beautifully narrated the story of a women aware of her limitations because of her caste and sexuality and one who enjoys the privilege of being a Brahmin but has to lock up her sexuality due to social pressure. A strangely beautiful tale, Geeli Puchi is a step forward in realistic cinema today. 

Talking about her experience of working with Konkona who plays Bharti, Aditi said, “Working with Koko was very interesting because she works differently. Like she came on the sets with a book and I came with nothing. Neeraj also said he would work with us differently. Like he would speak more to Koko and less to me. It was fascinating for me to work with a female co-star so closely.”

Aditi Rao Hydari

She further spoke of how it was playing Priya in the film and if she thinks the two characters had a sexual relationship, “Bharati was clearly aware of her identity and her life. Priya on the other hand had no idea. There was confusion. An angst that she had but at the same time a comfort in knowing who she was and where she belonged to. And I don’t think they actually had a relationship because they couldn’t, and that’s what the whole film was about. Bharati realised that Priya was never going to acknowledge or accept or even fathom what she was going through so there was no point in trying to understand, as it would mess up her life. It was all very riveting, and also because Neeraj didn’t want to go anywhere beyond the confusion of that impulsiveness.”

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