[Eng Sub] BTS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH in MAMA Hongkong 2018 방탄소년단 수상소감

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45 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] BTS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH in MAMA Hongkong 2018 방탄소년단 수상소감

  1. 진짜 내 눈물지뢰….. 큰 회사에서 데뷔한 것도 아니고 작은 회사에서 데뷔해서 이렇게까지 대성할 줄 누가 알았겠어….. 멤버들이 그간 마음고생이 얼마나 심했을지 짐작되는 영상이라서 호석이 울 것 같은 영상 썸네일만 봐도 마음 먹먹해짐…

  2. I'm new to this fandom, I didn't know much about them but now after watching this speech and seeing their emotions, I'm so happy for them and their dream to be at Grammys. It doesn't matter if they just had the stage for few seconds, I know they're happy to be there and the armys should support them.
    I'm sure they know it in their heart that they'll be there on that Grammy stage soon, accepting that award. Give them time and love, these boys are working and walking towards their dreams one step at a time.
    All 7 of them are precious and they deserve every bit of success coming their way! ???

  3. Seeing Hoseok cry is making it more sadder because he is the sunshine of the group but like I'm trying so hard to not get mad at army for yelling like I would yell just a lil but not everytime they said a word

  4. Yes Salsa,
    Even me, I always sees this video and always sees it just b coz they express their happiness with tears and they are proud of their self and also proud for the Army???

    Love you BTS ????

  5. "Once an army, always an army"
    "Once you jim-in you can't jim-out"
    "Once you enter the fandom, there's no exit"
    "Just wanted to learn their names , and see what I did get myself in to"
    Different quotes,Same meaning

  6. They have helped me through alot… um I really believe that they are Angel's and that they can help anyone. And if someone tells you are weird for liking kpop or name calling or if they helped you in hard times and they dont believe that, let them be. You know what is true and what you like. Your not weird you are you. Most importantly they have taught us to love ourself ❤❤❤ thank you bts . FIGHTING?✊

  7. I will never not cry when I watch this. When Hobi starts to cry, I automatically cry too. Seeing our sunshine and all the boys so emotional hits like a ton of bricks. I just want to hug them all and tell them it's okay, all their dreams are coming true, and will continue to come true. They have always given us the best of them, ARMYS will be their wings and carry them and give them the best of us.

    There will never be another BTS in this lifetime. And honestly I can live with that. Love you always BTS ?

  8. I’m literally in tears right now. We love them, and we always will. We will keep on supporting them, even if they disband at some point. So WE LOVE YOU BTS??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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