Elephant calf found in Badulla suspected to be shot dead

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COLOMBO (News 1st); The body of an elephant calf suspected to have been shot dead has been found in the Gal Poruyaya area in the Mahiyangana Divisional Secretariat Division in the Badulla District recently. 

It was reported that an electric fence built by a private company for a maize plantation is located about 100 meters from the relevant place.

The residents of the village stated that there is suspicious evidence that the elephant calf was shot near the fence.

Speaking to News 1st, the villagers alleged that a pillar of the overturned elephant fence has been re-erected, in addition to the discovery of a bullet fragment and a piece of cloth smelling like gunpowder at the premises.

The rulers of the country do not understand that this is a priceless resource to our country, as it is not only humans who are affected by the elephant-human conflict, a village resident added.

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