Easy 5-Minute Low Carb Snacks For Weight Loss

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  • Low-carb diet may help manage diabetes
  • Carbs are of two kinds good and bad
  • Low carb diet may also assist weight-loss

Low carb diet is the way to go if you are trying to lose or maintain weight and don’t have enough time to work out. When we talk about low carb, it means that we have to steer clear of starchy carbohydrates (simple carbs). This not only cuts out unnecessary intake out of your diet but also helps with the insulin levels of your body along with many other benefits. Although trying to follow a healthy diet can often be really hard when you don’t have enough options. Overcome this problem by trying these low carb snacks that you can munch on between meals to curb your hunger or boredom just when you want.

Here Are Four 5-Minute Low Carb Snacks For Weight Loss:

Green And Fruity Smoothie

Try this 5-ingredient healthy and yummy smoothie made with in season leafy green veggie and fruits. Make yours by blending spinach, strawberry and apple, garnish with flax seeds. Add or swap ingredients in this flexible green smoothie recipe according to your preference.

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5-ingredient healthy and yummy smoothie may help kickstart your day on wholesome note

Roasted Cauliflower And Broccoli bites with Garlic Dip

A roasted low carb snack in the evening is sometimes all you need. Take half cauliflower and half broccoli and cut it into small pieces, remove the stems from the florets and rinse. Mix the florets in a bowl with some olive oil, add salt as per taste and spices of your choice. Spread the cauliflower and broccoli on a baking tray and bake at 400 F for 15-20 minutes and enjoy crispy yet tender cauliflower and broccoli bites. Serve with garlic dip to add a punch of flavours to your snack.

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A roasted low carb snack in the evening is sometimes all you need.

Coconut Slices With Dark Chocolate Ganache

Coconut is not only healthy for the body but also tastes delicious. Make yourself a sweet and healthy snack by cutting slices of a freshly shelled out coconut and enjoy it even more by serving it with a homemade dark chocolate ganache.

Recipe for the dark chocolate ganache: Melt half of a dark chocolate bar by steaming and add some milk to it. Change the container and cook it in a pan on low heat. Accordingly adjust the milk portion to the chocolate to achieve a dip consistency. Serve cold.

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Coconut is not only healthy for the body but also tastes delicious.

Strawberry And Banana Acai Bowl

Acai bowls have recently been the new trend and for just the right reasons. A smoothie in a bowl completely compliments its thick and rich consistency. Make this super quick and easy Acai bowl by blending a banana, few strawberries and serve it in a bowl. Garnish your Acai bowl with a few chopped pieces of banana, strawberries and a small spoon of chia seeds or flax seeds.


What to remember: These recipes can be personalised by swapping these veggies and fruits as per your liking. Although it is important to research that the veggies and fruits swapped are also low carb foods, to balance the final calorie count of these juicy healthy low carb snacks. Happy cooking!

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