Dussehra Special: How To Make 2-Ingredient Gooey And Decadent Banana Halwa Barfi (Recipe Inside)

There is nothing quite like Indian mithais to satiate our sweet cravings. From the spongy rosogullas to the syrupy jalebis and the flaky and crisp balushahi – the list of our much-loved sweets is never-ending! Besides, none of our festivals or special occasions seems complete without indulging in sweet dishes. Crumbly and gooey barfis top the list when talking about festive sweets. Besan barfi, moong dal barfi, kaju barfi, and even badam barfi – everyone’s got a favourite when it comes to these sweets. But we often eliminate the idea of making these delicacies at home due to the extensive recipe that is both tedious and time-taking. But not anymore! We bring you an easy mithai recipe that needs just 2 ingredients for preparation. It’s a banana halwa barfi that needs banana and ghee. That’s it.

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We usually have a bunch of bananas lying around in the house, right? They are one of the most commonly consumed and purchased fruits in any Indian household. We are also aware that these fruits can go bad in a matter of days. So, the next time you have any overripe bananas lying around, don’t throw them away. Make this gooey and chewy banana halwa barfi instead. We came across this simple recipe on the YouTube channel of food blogger Parul Gupta, ‘Cook with Parul’. What entices us most is the fact that the sweet can be made with merely 2 major ingredients – banana and ghee. You may add chopped cashew nuts and some cardamom powder to enhance the flavors too. Interested to try it out? Here is the recipe:

How To Make Banana Halwa Barfi l Banana Halwa Barfi Recipe:

In a blender take some ripe bananas and grind them into a smooth paste. In a pan heat ghee and pour the banana puree. Cook this on low heat until the mixture has lightly become brown and holds shape. Add crushed nuts of your choice and cardamom powder for extra flavor. Pour in a mold and let it freeze. Cut into squares and dig in! Look at the video for the detailed recipe:

There you have it, an easy 2 ingredient banana halwa barfi for you to prepare this weekend.

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