Drink Up! We Bet These 7 Unique Lassi Recipes Will Make Your Day

It wouldn’t be wrong to describe lassi as one of the most refreshing drinks we know of. This flavoured drink with a yogurt base is a popular recipe across the country. Apart from its yummy taste, the drink is also famous for its versatility. You can make it sweet, salted, or add fruits to it to give it a delectable flavour. This drink has its fair share of health benefits too. It is good for gut health and can help prevent stomach-related issues such as bloating or constipation. Lassi is rich in probiotics which is also good for health.

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While we are all familiar with the traditional lassi, there is so much more you can do with it.  We have curated a list of seven interesting and unique lassi recipes. Have a look.

1) Shahi Lassi

Shahi lassi is a rich and creamy version of the traditional drink that is sure to make your stomach happy. The refreshing drink is garnished with saffron and dry fruits. In this recipe, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream along with curd to enhance the taste.

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2) Mango Lassi

Mango lassi has the goodness of fresh mangoes and the creaminess of lassi. It is garnished with saffron for some additional flavor. This is one fruity version of the regular lassi you have to try.

3) Strawberry Lassi

We all know of strawberry flavoured ice cream. But, can you imagine strawberries in lassi? Here, the strawberry puree is blended with ice and yogurt in this lassi.

4) Mint Lassi

Do you have mint leaves at home? Add it to your lassi and give your body a health boost. Serve the drink chilled with a little bit of ground cumin and mint leaves on top.  


There are different lassi made with fruits 

5) Banana Walnut Lassi

This lassi is made of bananas, walnuts, and honey. You can decorate the drink with walnut toppings and jazz it up with some rose water.

6) Chickoo Lassi

This chickoo lassi is a must-try at the end of a long day. For this, first mix chickoo with curd, milk, cardamom, and honey. Remember to sieve the drink in order to avoid lumps.

7) Avocado Lassi

This could be a great way to add a creamy twist to your regular lassi. The avocado lassi could also double as your post-workout drink as well.

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So head to your kitchen and treat yourself to a lassi recipe that will make you happy.

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