Dreaming of India: Oriental Lounge Music

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Relaxing Music for after work. : by Shast…

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50 thoughts on “Dreaming of India: Oriental Lounge Music

  1. ▼ Playlist of ▼ Oriental Lounge Music: Dreaming of India

    01〚00:04: 04:54┇Ishvari ❁ To My Groom
    02〚04:56 11:08 ┇Pradesh Singh ❁ Bali Ways
    03〚11:10 16:32 ┇Bahramji ❁ Dreamcatcher
    04〚16:33 21:45 ┇Ganga ❁ Clouds
    05〚21:46 26:51 ┇Sunyata Project ❁ Journey to Mandurai
    06〚26:52 31:06 ┇Daniel Masson ❁ Sonargaon
    07〚31:07 35:35 ┇Ishvari ❁ Out of Mind
    08〚35:36 39:34 ┇Daniel Masson ❁ Endless Stories
    09〚39:35 43:35 ┇Ishvari ❁ Bhawaani
    10〚43:36 48:18 ┇Ishvari ❁ Lost In Love
    11〚48:19: 52:20┇Ishvari ❁ Giver of Life
    12〚52:21: 56:45┇Ishvari ❁ Shelter and Blanket
    13〚56:46: 60:00┇Ishvari ❁ Meree Doolhe Ko

  2. Hello from the capitol of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city. Smooth lounge music, Monte Christo + Maccalan 50YO)) we are enjoying this mix while we are working on interior design of our new lounge HYDE. My dear friends across the world please share with your story, with your sound and passion any links we will love to play in our lounge all the great music you send to us )) Thank you world, Thank you YouTube

  3. You all like these kinds of music because some people have different types of vibration that only match like this type of music.
    and also these kinds of music create a vibration that heals your body. Like 'OM' OO HH MM these three words can do so many things.
    and also for healing 7 Chakras, there are 7 Sanskrit words that work so amazingly. You can chant them and that sounds coming from inner different body parts. At that time that feeling is more than listening to this music…

    Maybe it helps you…Love from India to Everyone

  4. This is the perfect compliment to a beautiful holiday in Bali, Indonesia. Warm evening and beautiful vibes listening to this at home tonight – thank you to the producers! ??

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