Does Waxing Chin Hair Make It Worse?


While there are many common methods available in the beauty world to get rid of chin hair, waxing is one the most popular method practiced by almost all. This method is pretty easy to use, gives long-lasting, and smooth finish instantly. Waxing basically uproots the shaft of hair from the root, so the end result is smooth skin without any razor bumps or stubble. Waxing can also help you remove eyebrow hair, upper lip hair, and even sideburns. In this article, we will tell you “does waxing chin hair make it worse.? Reading the benefits of waxing will get you tempted to get rid of chin hair through wax, but does your hair grow back thicker with this method? We will answer these commonly-asked about chin hair in this post.

Pros of Waxing Chin Hair:
Waxing serves as the best solution for those who have really dense hair growth. It gives a clean and smooth finish and comes easy on the pockets unlike laser hair removal. Waxing removes hair shaft from its root, so you would not encounter “5’o clock shadow” towards the end of the day.

The most lucrative pro of waxing is the longevity of the treatment. Waxing if done properly, can slow down hair growth and keep you hair-free for up to a month. The results can vary as per your hair growth cycle and hormonal changes.

The finish of waxing is even and smooth. Other practiced methods to remove can turn out to be patchy and may not remove all hair properly, but waxing guarantees precise and even removal of hair. The main purpose of waxing is to get clean, smooth hair-free skin. What if we tell you that waxing damages hair follicles which in turn reduces the hair growth over a period of time. Isn’t it what every girl has always dreamt of?

Waxing is easy on the pockets and can be easily done at home if you learn how to do it properly. Also, with waxing, the gap between two hair removal sessions increases.

Cons of Waxing Chin Hair?
Waxing can be a painful experience for women with sensitive skin and/or coarse hair. So if you are ready to experience the pain, smooth hair-free skin awaits you. Sometimes, waxing can lead to inflamed and red skin and even post-wax bumps. It may also cause skin irritation, discoloration, burns, infections and even allergic reactions. Hence, try to get this done by a salon expert. Waxing comes after-care and limited exposure to sun for a period of 24 hours. You should also resist using soap, scrub, exfoliator, or razor on newly-waxed skin. During this time period, your skin is extremely vulnerable, so external factors should rather be avoided to stay away from infections.

Does Waxing Chin Hair Make It Worse?
Here, we are answering the main concern of this article. Now that we know about the pros and cons of waxing chin hair, it will be relatively easy to probe if waxing can cause any harmful effects. Firstly, chin hair is pretty diverse in length and texture. While some people have coarse texture, others have comparatively smoother texture. So, if waxing your lip and eyebrow was a nice experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that waxing chin hair will fetch you same results. There is no risk of immediate damage to your skin other than to the hair bulbs. These hair bulbs are responsible for growth of hair on your chin. Once you wax your chin hair, these damaged hair bulbs take time to get repaired and cause growth again. In case of waxing, as we have already mentioned, the growth period varies from 3-4 weeks. Over a period of time, consistent waxing chin hair can damage these bulbs completely and reduce the hair growth which is a long-term effect. So, waxing is the best method to slow down hair growth. Waxing chain hair does not make conditions worse, in fact, once you get accustomed to this method of hair removal, nothing more can feel breezier. Just follow the right precautions and steps to prevent any immediate redness or infection. Also, we would advise you to get it done by any professional if you are not aware of the right way of waxing chin hair. That’s all for today. Happy waxing, girls!

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