Dissolve assemblies and give election date immediately, Imran tells govt

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Former prime minister Imran Khan has demanded that the government dissolve the National Assembly immediately and announce a date election date.

Addressing a huge rally in Multan, where he is expected to announce the date for his long march to Islamabad to force the government to call elections in the country, Imran lashed out the current government for what he said was its inability to govern the country.

Since his ouster as prime minister on April 10, Imran has held a series of large public rallies across the country, terming his ouster a foreign conspiracy and urging the public to prepare for a march to the capital to pressure the authorities into announcing a new election in the country.

Criticising the PML-N led coalition government, Imran said “they were busy in conspiring but now that they have assumed power, they must tell us why they are struggling to govern the country.”

“A convict is taking decisions. Sometimes they are asking the National Security Committee to hike prices,” he said.

The former premier said his government collected record tax, IT exports surged by 75 per cent in his tenure and Pakistan’s employment rate was the highest in the entire sub-continent.

“You toppled our government and now I am happy comparisons are taking place.” Imran said if he did not care for the nation, he would wish they [PML-N] stayed in power for more months so that people curse the as well as those “who brought them to power”.

He said a wave of inflation is on its way because when the rupee depreciates, “it has an impact on everything”.

“If they stay in power longer, they will make Pakistan into Sri Lanka. That’s why I demand an election date as soon as possible and dissolution of assemblies.”

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