Dil Ruba Episode 6: A Major Twist Leads to Sanam and Razi’s Nikkah


“Dil Ruba” is the story of Sanam, a fickle girl who spends her time on Tik Tok and has, more recently, found pleasure in leading on several men at a time for her own entertainment.  Episode 6 can definitely be called an eventful one and if the pace has been a point of criticism before with slightly repetitive episodes, this episode pushes the narrative into an exciting point where viewers wonder how the story will play out from this point.

Sabeeh (Mohib Mirza) visits Sanam (Hania Amir) and brings flowers for her.  While Sanam continues to play it cool, Sabeeh is very serious and kisses her hands, shocking not only Sanam, but also Iram who is watching secretly.  After Sabeeh leaves, Iram scolds Sanam for playing with his feelings and Sanam calls Sabeeh old, unattractive and uses several other below-the-belt descriptions of him, breaking Sabeeh’s heart and opening his eyes to how Sanam has been using him.  Overhearing a discussion between Iram and Sanam later, Ghazala (Marina Khan) declares that she will speak to Sabeeh’s mother about Sanam and Sabeeh’s marriage soon and that will be Sanam’s punishment.

The fun does not stop here as Junaid (Shehroze Sabzwari) continues his attempts at contacting Sanam so he can send his parents for his proposal.  She avoids him and his parents (Huma Nawab and Khalid Anam) are concerned for his mental well-being.  His mother manages to find her address.  Deeply concerned for her son’s happiness and health, she speaks to Ghazala (Marina Khan) about Sanam and Junaid’s relationship and requests that the two get married.  While Ghazala is visibly shocked, she also sympathizes with Junaid’s mother and is furious with Sanam.  Junaid’s mother says she will come back for an answer in a few days, but expects a positive answer.  Ghazala is a strangely unlikable character, but looking at Sanam’s antics, it’s no wonder she’s such a rigid, uptight woman – maybe it’s simply because she knows her own daughter.

Meanwhile, Razi’s (Nabeel Zuberi) in-laws grow more manipulative and argumentative as his to-be mother-in-law throws a tantrum and kicks his family out during a wedding event.  On the day of the wedding, Zoya calls Razi and asks him to bring his family to apologize otherwise the wedding won’t happen.  Angry and fed up with the conditions, Razi calls off the wedding and informs the family of his decision, choosing to protect his family.  Under the circumstances, the family elders decide to save face by conducting Razi’s nikkah to Sanam – because obviously, she’s the only single girl in the family and so she must be made into a scapegoat.  While the situation is sudden and Sanam initially protests, Ghazala and Iram swiftly remind her of Junaid’s mother and that marriage as her other option.  Sanam agrees and the Nikkah takes place.

Unfortunately, Sanam has become a truly unlikable character and as a viewer, I do not wish her happiness.  There’s a slightly creepy moment where Sanam locks eyes with Sabeeh during the nikkah and while he’s trying to shake his head and tell her to back out of the nikkah, she smiles widely and continues.  Sanam is a creator of her own problems and does not care who gets hurt in the wake of her decisions, so it’s just a matter of time before her choices come back and bite her.  Is the viewer supposed to feel sorry for her when that happens?  That will depend on how efficiently the story is told in upcoming episodes and whether there’s any redemption for Sanam.  While she initially came across as a silly character, she has slowly evolved into a manipulative, callous one.  Hania Amir’s performance is a little over-the-top and loud and one wishes she would tone it down a bit.  On the flip side, Mohib Mirza performs incredibly well in this episode, conveying Sabeeh’s heartbreak and insecurities really well.

It will be interesting to see how the story progresses now – especially considering there are still two male leads that have yet to make their entry.  Overall, this was a good watch.

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