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The year of the pandemic has surely put a halt on our travel plans to destinations abroad. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t sample the delicious food from exotic locations! If you’re looking to try something different and unique at your next Friday night outing, we’ve got just the place you need to be. Pullman, New Delhi, Aerocity is serving up authentic flavours of the middle-east in their newest offering called ‘Arabic Nights’. Head to Farmer’s Basket, Pluck at Pullman for a lavish Arabic feast that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Right from the décor to the servers to the live dancing, everything at our evening visit exuded vibes of the middle-east. When it came to food, chef Neeraj Tyagi left no stone unturned to cater to every diner’s whims and fancies. The entire Arabic spread was laid out in a buffet format, with plenty of delicious treats to choose from. We started off the meal with the classic Falafel and Fatayer Bi Sabanekh, which was a flat Samosa-like crunchy snack. There were plenty of healthy salads on offer as well, such as the well-known Fattoush and the fiery Salata Khadra.

Along with the appetisers came the authentic middle-eastern dips including Hummus, Tzatziki, Baba Ganoush, Shanklish, and Muhammara. The smoky flavours and smooth, creamy texture paired perfectly well with our meal. As for mains, we tried the Lebanese Vermicelli Rice along with the Imam Bayildi, which was an eggplant-based dish stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes. There was also the Maghmour from Lebanon – a chickpea stew with some interesting and unique flavours.

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In the bread section, there was a live Pita bread counter along with the traditional Lebanese flatbread- Manakish. The Zaatar and cheese topped delight was chewy and different! Chef also whipped up some interesting Turkish pasta which was like Ravioli stuffed with a mushroom filing. There was also a live Chicken Shawarma counter for diners to enjoy!

The sweets and desserts section pampered those with a sweet tooth. There was Turkish ice cream, complete with the entire fun experience of serving that has become quite the trend recently. The mildly sweet Basbousa and Kunafeh were extremely enjoyable. The most memorable dish of the evening for us was the Baklava, with layers of crispy goodness ensconcing a sweet and nutty filling.

So, next time you plan to head out, we would definitely recommend going to the Arabic Nights at Pluck, Pullman New Delhi. It’ll make for an enjoyable dinner which will fill you up with gastronomic delights and happy memories!

What: Arabic Nights at Farmer’s Basket, Pluck

Where: Pullman, New Delhi, Aerocity

When: Every Friday at 7:30 PM till 30th October, 2021

Price: Rs. 1,850 + taxes per person

For reservations call +91 9871 666 600

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