Did You Know Maths Could Get You More Pizza Per Order? Heres How

Pizza has become one of the favourite dishes across the world. Ordering a quick slice of pizza for takeaway or home delivery is a no-brainer. The number of people is one of the major deciding factors for how much pizza to order. For instance, a family of four generally orders two medium 12-inch pizzas. However, did you know that simple Maths logic could get you more pizza per every order? The post was originally shared a while back but has been surfacing on social media yet again recently. Take a look:

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The tweet was shared by Fermat’s Library, and it had received over 70k likes and 35.4k retweets. “Here’s a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more ‘pizza’ than two 12 inch pizzas,” read the caption to the post. In the picture, we could see the comparison of a single 18-inch pizza versus two 12-inch ones. A simple mathematical formula was applied to calculate the area of the pizzas, and it turned out that the area was larger for the larger pizza as opposed to the two smaller ones.

Internet users couldn’t keep calm about the simple mathematical hack to get more pizza. While some called it ‘life-changing’, others said that this was the reason why Maths was an important life skill.

Take a look at some reactions:

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It’s incredible how a simple Maths formula we learnt in school could come in handy while ordering pizza! What did you think of the pizza hack? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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