Deadly COVID-22 was just a rumour! More myths busted about COVID variants


While mutations and variants of coronavirus strain, i.e. SARS-COV-2 viruses have been widely discussed, none of the discussions have been around the pandemic taking a whole new turn altogether- or spinning into COVID-22.

Such possibilities, or facing threats from COVID-22, or likely additions are also something which have no scientific backing as of right now, apart from the statements made by the said professor. Although the threat was termed to be a big social media hoax, multiple expert opinions and scientists, through follow-up reports have mentioned that there’s no real possibility of super variants emerging, or COVID-19 turning into something like COVID-22.

A lot of the news on COVID-22 was also clarified to be distorted representation based on no scientific credibility whatsoever. The accurate name of the disease caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus is referred to as COVID-19 and cannot be changed. Not only is the name of the coronavirus pandemic derived from the year it originated in (i.e., the COVID pandemic which started to spread from Wuhan district, China towards the end of 2019), there is no way for ’22’ in the said COVID-22 to hold any significance, since we are only in 2021 right now, and no real way to predict what happens in the future. Unless and until such and such outbreak happens, we cannot hold COVID-22 to any credibility or truth.

There’s not also a lot of truth or likelihood of super contagious variants, more so as a consequence of the existing strains emerging right now. At this point of time, the suggestions only look speculative and far-fetched.

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