Dax – "She Cheated Again" (Official Music Video)

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[LYRICS BELOW] “She Cheated Again” is my deepest song ever. Share this with everyone and anyone. Hope you can relate. Part 3 coming soon… Go LISTEN …

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26 thoughts on “Dax – "She Cheated Again" (Official Music Video)

  1. This is a private account of me, I rap, too. People always said to me that I am an emotional rapper.
    When I heared this song and especially 1:03 untill 1:17
    That part is just like the way I use my emotion in my raps. It's just amazing to hear someone that is just like you with their emotion in their voice! Keep up it man and I hope to see your somewhere in my life somewhere all over the world! <3

  2. If this happens a second time, it’s gonna kill me. And in case it does: I’m sorry to my friends and family for not being strong enough.

  3. I understand this a lot man, to the point it took me back to when I had these heavy ass heartaches, not being able to sleep. Going crazy and stressing over a girl you put your whole trust but it turned she doesn’t giva shit about you. I really attempted suicide a cpl times.

  4. When this song first released. I fell in love because I know how women can be. Then two weeks ago my girl cheated on me for the second time. Then this song became a reality. It hurt and still hurts. This has been literally me for the past two weeks. Almost on the brink of suicide. DAX I want to say that I respect you man. I never knew the song I loved so much would actually become a reality and this is helping me through it cause I know I'm not alone. I trusted this woman and we made plans for the future and she threw it all away. Damn this song resonates with me sooooo bad.

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