Daily self massage techniques every one should include in their life

Massaging is good for our body in numerous ways. It reduces muscle tension, stiffness and even increases the blood flow in the body. Certain researches show that regular massage can help you boost immunity by stimulating the production of white blood cells. It may also make you more productive at work. However, you don’t have to go to the massage parlour every time you want a massage. As per a study conducted at the University of Miami, even a brief 15-minute massage every day can be good for you.

These are all simple self-massage techniques.

Thump your body
Every morning and evening thump your entire body from your toe to head. Start from your legs and arms, then slowly move upwards to your torso and head. This will not only strengthen your muscle and bones but will also improve blood circulation and relax your nerves. Doing this is the morning will energize you for the day ahead. Repeating the same at night will help to calm your mind and body for better sleep. In case you are taking some blood-thinning medicine then avoid this massage as it can be harmful to you.

Pat your tummy after a meal
Gently pat your belly after having your meal. Most of the people do this casually after overeating, but this is really helpful for you. Rubbing your belly in a clockwise direction will help to stimulate the digestion process.

Massage your hands every day
Make it a habit to massage your hands properly when you put lotion on it every day. Take some lotion in your hand and then clasp both your hands and rub your palms in a circular motion. Then rub the back of each palm, in between your fingers, wrists, and thumb. Repeat the same with the other hand.

Before exercise
Before you hit the gym or perform any exercise, massage your entire body nicely from top to bottom. This improves the blood flow in the muscles and helps in speedy recovery. Before exercising, rub your legs and arms muscles with your fist in a downward motion. Similarly, after exercising, rub them in the direction of your heart.

Roll on a tennis ball
If your foot is sore or tense, then use a tennis ball for some relief. Stand on one foot taking the support of the wall and place the arch of the other foot on top of the tennis ball. Add weight over the foot to press the ball in your arch. Now slowly move your foot on the ball to massage your arch, heel, and toes.

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