Dad-of-three plunged kitchen knife into man at ex-wife’s home


A FATHER-of-three has been jailed for three years and ten months for plunging a kitchen knife into a man in a confrontation at the home of his ex-wife.

Waqar Hussain, 43, of Heaton Grove, Frizinghall, Bradford, said he thought his victim was a burglar but the judge sentencing him on Friday said there was little evidence for that.

Hussain pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after the attack on February 27.

His former father-in-law, Mohammed Naseer, 59, of Redburn Drive, Shipley, admitted throwing a glass at the victim which cut his head.

He pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for two years. He must also do 100 hours of unpaid work.

Bradford Crown Court was told that the man heard banging on the door after he was invited to the address. There was shouting in Punjabi before he was attacked.

Hussain picked up a large kitchen knife from a drawer at the property and stabbed him in the side of his body.

The court was told that he was in so much pain he thought he was dying. He did not need emergency surgery but the hospital consultant said the wound was potentially life-threatening without medical intervention.

Hussain’s barrister, Jessica Heggie, said it was a spur of the moment attack. The knife had been picked up at the scene not taken there.

Both men were of previous good character.

Judge Colin Burn made a five-year restraining order banning both of them from contact-ing the victim.

He said there was no doubt that Hussain had taken “violent exception” to a stranger going into the house of his ex-wife.

“It is not really material what you thought that person was doing there and it certainly would not have justified the use of a knife on him,” he said.

“At the height of incident I accept that you, Mr Hussain, took a knife from the kitchen drawer and plunged it, stuck it, into his torso.

“At the end of the incident he was bleeding both from his head and from the stab injury to his body.”

Judge Burn said it was fortunate for both Hussain and his victim that he had effectively made a full recovery.

“Both of you are men of previous good character who frankly ought to have known better,” he told Hussain and Naseer.

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