Czech Republic: Over two lakh people take part in anti-government protests in Prague

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PRAGUE: Over two lakh people took part in the anti-government protest in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, on Saturday (local time).
The protest was organised by a group named “Million Moments for Democracy” which has been urging Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign.
“Our rally is against the conflict of interests of the businessman and prime minister Babis. He should either get rid of his Agrofert [agricultural] holding and media groups belonging to him or resign from the post of the prime minister,” Sputnik quoted Mikulas Minar, the event’s organizer and the leader of the social movement Million Moments for Democracy as saying.
“We have freedom and democracy, everyone can participate in demonstrations and rallies — whoever wants, where they want and against whom they want. But I really do not understand the motives for holding this rally. It seems to me that the organisers intend to simply take advantage of the atmosphere of the 30th anniversary of the events of November 1989”, Babis said responding to the protests.
Germany based news agency DW reported that the protests came a day ahead of 30-year-anniversary of the beginning of the Velvet Revolution, a series of non-violent mass protests which led to the overthrow of communism in what was then Czechoslovakia.
The Czech Prime Minister has been accused of intimidating his rivals and corruption.

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