Crispy, Flaky Or Stuffed: Here Are 7 Yummy Paratha Recipes That Take Less Than 20 Minutes

Who doesn’t love parathas? The flaky texture that’s achieved by brushing butter over the surface while cooking, or the actual act of pulling apart the layers while they are still warm, and then dunking them in dal, yogurt, or some curry — parathas are one of the simplest yet most satisfying pleasures of an Indian meal. Grilled, fried, or stuffed, you can have a paratha for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack. If this small introduction about the humble paratha has got you craving, we have you covered. Here are 7 paratha recipes that come together in about 20 minutes.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and make some crispy, chewy, and buttery parathas.

1) Saada Paratha

Traditionally, parathas are made plain. Here, the whole wheat parathas are smeared with ghee and can be enjoyed with your favourite curry. It takes just about 15 minutes to make this. And don’t worry if your paratha is not completely round. With practice, you can perfect that art too.

Aloo paratha with butter

2) Aloo Paratha

Apart from the traditional plain paratha, the dough can also be stuffed with some kind of cooked vegetable such as potatoes. The other ingredients that go into the making of this paratha are coriander, chillies, and a few spices. Devour them with some plain curd or pickle.

3) Beetroot Paratha

In this version, replace the potato filling with beetroot. The vegetable adds a lot of nutrition as well as colour. Serve fresh and hot with some pickle or a generous amount of curd as a dip. The cooking time is just 10 minutes.


Multi-grain paratha with achar

4) Multigrain Paratha

In terms of appearance, this may not be the best-looking paratha. However, it’s very high in nutrition, thanks to the jowar and ragi that go into its making. And believe it or not, you can make this paratha in just 5 minutes.

5) Chocolate Paratha

Yes, you read that right! We also have the recipe of a chocolate paratha for you. Be it lunch or dinner, kids are sure to love this version of the paratha. Make some smoothies or desserts along with it, and your treat is ready.

6) Sattu Ka Paratha

In Bihar and its neighbouring regions, where sattu is a staple dish, this style of paratha is particularly popular. It’s packed with fibre and protein, making it a nutritious breakfast, lunch, or dinner option.


Barfi paratha is sweet.

7) Barfi Paratha

This is another sweet version of the paratha, and you can make it for any festive occasion when your home is flooded with khowa/ mawa sweets. If it becomes too much to consume so many sweets, just make stuffed parathas out of those. You’ll need just about 20 minutes to accomplish the task.

Next time if you have some unexpected guests at home, set a pile of parathas next to some vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry and watch the breads vanish off the plates in a jiffy.

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