COVID White Fungus Symptoms | Coronavirus white fungus infection cases on rise: Signs, symptoms and who is at risk


As with many infections, a white fungus infection causes most damage to a person who has a low immune threshold. Thus, a person with low-immunity, or already at risk of other comorbidities, or using immuno-suppressant medications has a high risk of catching the white fungal infection.

People suffering from conditions like diabetes, cancer and other comorbidities, which require continuous steroid usage could also face the risk of catching the infection.

Some reports also cite that women and children face additional risks of infection, which were previously unseen with black fungus infection.

Doctors also warn that much like black fungus, the white fungus could also be spread when a person comes in contact with unsanitary surfaces. Particularly, for patients on prolonged oxygen support, wherein water sources could be contaminated may also be a source of transmission, which is also the reason why doctors are seeing a rise in white fungus cases reported amongst hospitalized COVID patients. For example, the use of unfiltered/ tap water in humidifiers/ oxygen cylinders can make patients susceptible to getting white fungus symptoms. This is also one of the reasons why special concern should be focussed on sanitation and hygiene at a time like right now.

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