Coronavirus: With Omicron, is it possible to achieve lifelong immunity against COVID-19?


Recently, researchers have introduced the idea that the Omicron variant could act as a ‘natural vaccine’. Professor Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading, recently backed the notion saying that much like the flu, Omicron does not pose any dangers to healthy, fit people. Taking the risks into consideration, he also states that the Omicron could boost immunity without causing serious illness.

So, does that mean we could expect widespread immunity and protection from future COVID infection?

A well established virologist Shahid Jameel calls it a “dangerous idea”, that is “rooted more in pandemic fatigue and the inability to do more, than in evidence available at this time.”

“Especially in India, where malnutrition, air pollution and diabetes are rampant, to willingly let people be exposed to a virus about which you understand little is not good science and public health,” he added.

The former head of the advisory group to INASACOG, Jameel also said that people who vouch for this idea don’t take into account “long COVID”.

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