Coronavirus vaccine: What happens if you delay your second vaccine appointment for Covaxin?


Now, onto the main doubt- what if you happen to miss your appointment at this point? Will your vaccine still protect you?

Apart from the non-availability of doses, there could be many reasons one may end up missing the appointment, including a prior infection. Some may even fear or delay the second dose out of hesitation, side effects or personal crisis. What is more important to know is to not give in to panic.

While one must try to keep the vaccination as close as possible to the scheduled date, do understand that missing the scheduled appointment won’t render your vaccine ineffective, or require you to start your vaccination process anew. What researchers don’t know is if the delay will bring down efficacy rates. Nonetheless, getting the second dose is both recommended and beneficial. So, whenever you do get the second dose, in reality, it will only strengthen the response further.

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