Coronavirus vaccine: How long will the COVID vaccine stay effective? Here’s what doctors want you to know


COVID vaccines work to boost up the body’s immune response against the pathogen by generating antibodies that recognize and evade the infection in the future.

However, since it’s a new virus, and relatively a newer vaccine, there’s no real data to suggest how protected a person would really be, after getting vaccinated.

According to Dr Susheel Bindroo, Head of Dept. of Interventional Pulmonology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai, vaccine generated antibodies, or artificial immunity is always lower than natural immunity. He says, “In what we have observed so far, people do get COVID to observe natural neutralizing antibodies wane in a maximum of 6-7 months time. For some with serious comorbidities, it could go away even faster. Therefore, with caution, people must remember that even artificial immunity, at this point in time, would last for a relatively similar period. We cannot expect vaccines to work like magic.”

Dr Bharesh Dedhia, Consultant Critical Care, Hinduja Hospital Khar also opines that vaccines, while remaining to be one of the most effective tools right now, may not be as effective as we think them to be. “Considering the manner of mutations, it can happen that people need booster shots or be subjected to regular antibody testing to confirm how strong immunity is. “

Experts also feel that the track record with COVID trajectory and cases is very confusing, so there’s no real way to ascertain what could happen post-vaccination. Till now, neither of the companies, be it Moderna, Pfizer or Bharat Biotech have doled out recommendations or advisory on the same.

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