Coronavirus vaccination in India: What to expect before, after and during the vaccination drive


After receiving the vaccine shot, as a safety measure, people might be asked to wait for a while (15-20 minutes). This is usually done to observe and attend to any reactions that may happen. Once done, a person is declared safe to go home.

Since vaccines work to create inflammatory reactions in the body after administration, one can expect certain side-effects.

While severe or fatal side-effects have been rarely recorded, most side-effects are reactogenic in nature. After you get the vaccine, be prepared to experience the following side-effects in the first 2-3 days:



-Muscle pain/ sensitivity in the area of administration



All these effects are considered to be a normal, good sign that a vaccine is doing its said job. These symptoms usually resolve on its own, but taking an over the counter medication may relieve discomfort.

Right now, it’s also important for people to learn that a single dose of the vaccine won’t really protect them. Getting both shots of the vaccine, as per schedule (12 or 28 days apart) will fully protect the body. If you don’t take precautions, or get the second dose, you can still be at risk of catching COVID-19.

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