Coronavirus vaccination: How to identify a fake COVID-19 vaccine from an original one


Covishield vaccine was the first COVID vaccine approved in India.

In order to identify a genuine Covishield vial, here are some markers to look for.

– The SII product’s label shade and colour of the aluminium flip-off seal is dark green.

– The brand name COVISHIELD with the trademark is mentioned on the original vaccine.

– The font of the generic name is not written in bold, whereas the lettering is in special white ink to make it more readable, overprinted with CGS NOT FOR SALE.

– The SII logo is printed on the adhesive side of the label and at a unique angle and position, identified by only a select few who are aware of the exact details, as per the government guidelines.

– The overall label has been given a special honeycomb effect, which is visible only at a specific angle.

– Lastly, it is said that the honeycomb design has been altered slightly at strategic locations, and certain additional special elements added to the texture design, which is not visible to the common eye, but those who are aware of the subtle changes can easily verify the authenticity of the label and vial.

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