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Govt taking ‘sober and sensible’ stance on coronavirus

The government’s decision to limit mass gatherings is a “sensible decision” that will ensure our health system is not overwhelmed due to the coronavirus, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced mass gatherings will be restricted across the country to stop the disease from spreading exponentially.

The guidelines apply to non-essential, organised gatherings of 500 people or more, and would not include public transport, airports or universities.

There are 195 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia while 128,325 have been infected worldwide, resulting in 4,720 deaths.

Mr Kenny said while a lot of “smartasses” are trying to score political points off the virus, most of us “are acting sensibly”.

“Lots of people in the cheap seats trying to take pot shots,” Mr Kenny said.

“But for most of us, it is about acting sensibly, and for our political leaders it must be about acting in the best interests of all, on the best medical advice.”

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