Coronavirus: How are vaccinated people likely to spread COVID-19? Here’s what research tells us


Although rare, fully vaccinated people can contract the virus and they can also be spreaders.

With the delta variant on the rise, there is a high possibility that fully vaccinated individuals contract the virus and unknowingly transmit it to other people. While studies have shown that COVID vaccines reduce the viral load in a person’s body, it is less likely that fully vaccinated individuals can spread the virus too. A viral load is the amount of viral particles in the body, which determine whether or not a person is likely to spread the virus.

However, breakthrough infections have raised alarms among leading scientists and health bodies.

The latest research provided by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention stresses on the dangers of the Delta variant, referring to it as the most dominant virus strain.

It is believed that fully vaccinated individuals can still spread COVID infections. Whether while sneezing or coughing, the viral particles can latch on to other people and increase the risk of transmission.

In terms of breakthrough infections, researchers found a significant concentration of coronavirus in the noses and throats of vaccinated people. This means that vaccinated people infected with the virus can transmit the disease as though they have not developed any immunity at all. Although the findings are yet to be published, it has triggered the US CDC to update its COVID guidelines for masking.

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