Coronavirus: Here’s why women have a higher risk of long COVID than men


Past studies have shown that women have a higher prevalence of chronic pain and fatigue syndrome- both of the conditions which are known to have symptoms similar to long COVID, which could be one of the likely reasons why women, right now, are more susceptible.

Most importantly, experts have detailed how most of these conditions are associated with excess activation of immune cells in the bodies, which quickly recognize even fragments of the pathogen, and prompt an immune response, and seldom release cytokines that make us feel unwell. This repeated stimulation and immune activity could be a factor that causes chronic pain, fatigue and other symptoms which are associated with long COVID and post-viral malaise. Women have also been found to have higher IL-6 levels than men.

Clinical studies have also established that most cases of long COVID were in perimenopausal women, which could explain why women between the ages of 40-60 have an exceptionally high risk.

Some small studies have also established that long COVID risk could be bad for women who have predisposed conditions or immunity-diminishing markers. However, no concrete proof of the same has been found yet.

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