Consumer Price Index On Labourers For June, 2021 Rises

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Consumer price index for labourers saw a rise in June 2021

The All-India Consumer Price Index (CPI) for agricultural labourers and rural labourers for June 2021, increased by eight points each to stand at 1,057 and 1,065 points respectively.

According to figures released by Ministry of Labour, the major contribution towards the rise in general index of agricultural labourers and rural labourers came from food with an increase of 6 points and 6.10 points respectively, mainly due to rise in prices of pulses, vegetables and fruits, onion, meat goat, fish fresh as well as dry, mustard oil and jaggery among other items.

Amongst states, the maximum increase in the CPI numbers for agricultural labourers was witnessed by Kerala (+10 points) and for rural labourers it was experienced by Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh (+10 points each) mainly due to rise in the prices of groundnut oil, vegetables and fruits, fish fresh, meat goat, milk, sugar, onion, chillies-dry, gur and other items.

On the contrary, the maximum decrease in the CPI numbers for agricultural and rural labourers was experienced by Jammu & Kashmir (-10 points and -9 points respectively) due to fall in the prices of wheat atta, vegetables and fruits, chillies green and garlic.  

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