Congress Losing Leaders, Will Become Party Of Tweets: BJP Attacks Rahul Gandhi

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BJP attacked Rahul Gandhi over his regular tweets attacking the central government.

New Delhi:

In a swipe at Rahul Gandhi over his regular tweets attacking the central government, the BJP said on Tuesday that the Congress will become a “party of tweets” as it is doing no work among people and “losing” one leader after another.

Hitting back at the Congress leader, Union minister Prakash Javadekar said the anti-CAA Shaheen Bagh protests and Delhi riots were the Congress’s “achievements” in February followed by desertion of Jyotiraditya Scindia and loss of power in Madhya Pradesh in March, and “incitement” of migrants in April.

He said May marked the sixth anniversary of the Congress’s loss of power at the Centre while the party “advocated” for China in June and then it was “finished” in Rajasthan in July.

“Rahul Gandhi is tweeting on a daily basis. It seems the Congress will become a party of tweets as they are doing no work among the people and losing one leader after another. A frustrated and depressed party is trying to launch all sorts of attacks on the government,” Mr Javadekar told reporters.

Taking a dig at the Modi government, Mr Gandhi had earlier listed the alleged attempt to topple his party’s government in Rajasthan and the “Namaste Trump” event as among the Centre”s “achievements” in the COVID-19 era.

“Achievements of the government in the COVID-era: February — Namaste Trump, March — toppling the government in Madhya Pradesh, April — making people light candles, May — government”s sixth anniversary, June — Bihar virtual rally, July — Attempt to topple the government in Rajasthan,” Mr Gandhi said in a tweet.

“People are standing with Modi. The Congress has become helpless,” Mr Javadekar said.

The senior BJP leader also added that India has done much better than countries like the US and Brazil in tackling the coronavirus crisis.

“Rahul baba, note India”s achievements in ”war against Corona”. India has the least average cases, active cases and death rate than the US, Europe and Brazil. By making fun of candle lights, Rahul Gandhi ji you have insulted the people of India and brave corona warriors,” he tweeted.

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